Sunday, October 23, 2005


CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST: How can you get free gas?

Want to win a new NHRA play station 2 game or a STANT locking gas cap for your vehicle? Go to and click on the contest link.

On this hour of Cruise Control Radio Fred and Les tell you how you can get free gasoline,
well you have to buy a car first! We talk to Dave Schembri, Mitsubishi's Vice President
of Sales and Marketing about their gasoline give away and the future of Mitsu's product lineup.

Every want to be a NHRA drag racing driver or crewchief? We'll hear about a great new
play station 2 game that puts you behind the wheel with out having to don a fire suit!

Our "At the wheel" reviews for this hour of Cruise Control are the Mitsubishi Raider and the Lincoln Mark LT.

All that and more automotive industry info on this edition of the Cruise Control Radio podcast. For More Information go to at or leave a message on the Blog..............

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