Tuesday, January 03, 2006

CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST: What's new for 2006 Part 2

On this hour of Cruise Control Radio with Fred and Les:

Co hosts Fred Staab and Les Jackson run down what's in store for new vehicle buyers in 2006 in part two of this two part special Cruise Control.

What are the trends relating to in car entertainment and what manufacturers are making improved safety standard on their vehicles? This special two part Cruise Control Radio podcast will tell you how some manufacturers are using new technologies like 6 and 7 speed automatic transmissions to gain fuel efficiency.

Plus Fred and Les will discuss two of the fastest and most expensive four door sedans that will be available in 2006.

All of that and more as this edition of the Cruise Control Radio Podcast takes a look at what you might be driving in the new year. Download a complete printable version of the Cruise Control Automotive Radio what's new in 2006 by going to www.cruisecontrolradio.com and clicking on the At the Wheel section on the home page. Or just click here

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