Monday, February 27, 2006

CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST: Saturn goes Sky high and what's a Six Stroke?

On this hour of Cruise Control Radio with Fred and Les:

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Co hosts Fred Staab and Les Jackson ask should car manufacturers market to older buyers?
We will tell you the results on one study.

Why are some Chevy dealers upset about Saturns Sky high plans?

You have heard of two stroke and four stroke engines how about a six stroke
its' ah NO joke. And have Europeans found a way to be Naturally Cool?

And leave it the Cruise Control to track down car guys wherever they exist.
We will have part two of our exclusive interview of Astronaut Bill McArthur
recorded as he was traveling over 16 thousand miles an hour in the International
Space Station. You don't want to miss that one. Download the full interview at in the audio clips section.

Finally how to get rid of big amounts of cash really quickly. We'll tell you the story
of the demise of one Ferrari Enzo... Yes that's the one that costs over 750,000 dollars!

Plus an "At the wheel" review of the 2006 Acura TL

All of that and more as this edition of the Cruise Control Radio pod cast

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