Monday, May 22, 2006

CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST: 5000 Miles and 500 horsepower

On this hour of Cruise Control Radio with Fred and Les:

click on the contest link.

We get the final results from the One lap of America race
from team Ford.

More Speeds Less Cylinders and Direct Injection. We have
the latest news about GM's new fuel efficientdrive trains.
Plus an important safety system for your car or truck is in
short supply, but hold on a new less expensive version is on
the way.

And an "At the wheel review" of the brand new
Chevrolet Tahoe LT.

Tune in next week Saturday May 27th when
Billy F. Gibbons of ZZTop co-hosts Cruise Control
and talks about his collection of wild street rods and his
new book Rock and Roll Gearhead.

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