Sunday, September 17, 2006

CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST: At Ford beware of the cutter!

On this hour of Cruise Control Radio with Fred and Les:

Is this a better way forward? New deep cuts, more plant closings,
a major corporate downsizing. Does Ford have the products to keep
customers in the show rooms?

Stability required;The government mandates stability control.
Do you know if your vehicle has it already?

Toyota crosses a milestone and looks forward to big sales numbers
with the new Tundra pickup. Will they get 10 percent of the market?

What GM brand has been anointed The Fuel Cell division with
the new Sequel.

And what do you get when you mix a Smart car with a Unimog?

Plus "At the Wheel" reviews of the Audi RS4 performance sedan and
the brand new Acura RDX crossover.

All that and more on this edition of the Cruise Control Radio
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