Sunday, October 15, 2006

CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST: More Euro Saturns, Dodge Avenger and going Heads Up

On this hour of Cruise Control Radio with Fred and Les:

Gas prices are down so are consumers headed back to
big vehicles? One website says Yes.

New Model News: Dodge dealers get Avenged and the Japanese
version of Toyota's Bread and Butter vehicle gets released

It may sound strange but Saturn may have become GM's
most exciting brand how will the divisions Euro sourced cars go
over with customers that were used to plastic skinned sub
compacts? Lisa Hutchinson director of Saturn Brand and Product
Development will be our guest.

Check your email on an automotive head up display? One company
thinks its going to happen.

All that and more on hour 1 of this week's Cruise Control Radio Pod cast.

Next week reviews of 2007 Shelby GT 500 and the Honda Si Sedan.

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