Sunday, October 14, 2007


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Target Toyota: Why are environmental groups drawing a target
on the makers of the Prius. Plus defection number two, another
Toyota executive bolts for a domestic vehicle manufacturer.

You thought you saved a few bucks by passing on those optional side curtain airbags in that new SUV. But did that choice compromise your safety? We'll have the latest crash test results.

Bad weather is on its way and your car has to be ready. Greg Klausen from 3M Car Care will stop by to tell us how you can keep your engine running sweet and your sheet metal shiny no matter what mother natures dishes out.

Is that Ford GT of yours just not fast enough?? How about turning up the pressure to the tune of 0 to 62 in 3 and half seconds?? Interested??

All that and more as this edition of the Cruise Control Radio Pod cast.
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