Monday, November 26, 2007


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Great news for GM their cars are winning awards and selling well but will a downturn in the economy put the brakes on the recovery?

If your on the road this holiday weekend you'll want to listen to our story on the ten worst traffic tie up locations . Places to avoid.

According to Chrysler you will be seeing lots of Micro Hybrids in their vehicle line up? What's a Micro Hybrid? Stay tuned to find out.

And Honda just might have a way to power your car and heat and cool your house at the same time.

Are you cutting back on holiday shopping do to the price of gasoline? It's the Cruise Control question of the week.

Talking Tech: Does one British company have an "Enlightening " method of keeping you in your lane when driving All that and more on this edition of the Cruise Control Radio Pod cast.

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