Tuesday, January 15, 2008


WWW.CRUISECONTROLRADIO.COM On this hour of Cruise Control with Fred and Les Jackson

The Sebring Problem: Is it a name of a new action adventure movie? No its the reason Chrysler thinks its sedans are not selling.

And if its Halo dims could one super car roll off into history?

Its a new beginning for Hyundai; We preview their premium rear drive luxury car set to be revealed at this weeks Detroit Auto show.

Get Boosted: How is Ford going to pull V8 power from four and six cylinder engines while at the same time increasing MPG and reducing C02? Dan Kapp, Director of Advanced Research and Engineering at Ford is our guest.

Talking Tech: You have heard of Ethanol and Bio Diesel but what about Bio Gasoline?
Can you really make Gas from waste greases, animal fats and even algae?

Plus we have some info on new models revealed at the Detroit Auto show.

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