Thursday, May 14, 2009


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We told you this week was going to be a bad one for the US auto industry and it was. GM announced that Pontiac is gone and along with it 21,000 jobs. But by the end of the week that news was overshadowed by the bankruptcy of Chrysler. We will take a look at both stories in detail. What happens now and where do we go from here? What will a future Chrysler look like, should you buy a Chrysler?

Will Pontiacs like the Solistice and G8 become collectible? That might be hard to say at this point but if you are on the market for a collector car We will give you the inside scoop from Mecum Auctions JOHN KRAMAN. He will tell us about one of the rarest Cobras ever to cross the auction block.

All that "At the Wheel Reviews" and a whole lot more when we get rolling on this week's Cruise Control Radio
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