Monday, June 01, 2009

CRUISE CONTROL PODCAST: NEW CADS, SATURN SAMSUNGS and TRANSIT CONNECTED this hour of Cruise Control with Fred Staab and Les Jackson.

June 1st will go down as one of the biggest US Industrial Bankruptcies ever. As GM goes to go to court, Cadillac reveals two new vehicles.

Could Samsungs be finding there way to Saturn Dealers? and What does frozen garlic toast have to do with the Viper?

Drive a monster truck through a house , get set on fire, out run the cops sound interesting? We'll hear from Jesse James who is back with a new show on Spike called Jesse James is a dead man...

And it could revolutionize the industrial truck market? The Ford Transit Connect is headed to the US. We will get the details from Demoni Hurt

All that "At the Wheel Reviews" and a whole lot more when we get rolling on this week's Cruise Control Radio. DOWNLOAD THE CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST HERE All that and a whole lot more when we get Rollin on this weeks Cruise Control Radio. Tune in on Saturday June 6th Live from 10AM to 12 Noon Eastern time .Feed Shark