Thursday, September 17, 2009


WWW.CRUISECONTROLRADIO.COM on this hour of Cruise Control with Fred Staab and Les Jackson.

Its become a popular tradition on Cruise Control Radio. The yearly journey to a place where Corvettes are worshiped.. Its called Corvettes at Carlisle.. 80 of acres of America's sports cars shining in the Pennsylvania sun.

This hour we will hear from Corvette brand manager Harlan Charles and Chief Engineer

Tadge Juechter about the latest developments including the Grand Sport and Launch control.

Next we go racing with the brand new GT2 C6R race car built by Pratt and Miller engineering and Mike Atkins will tell us if you can buy a race inspired Corvette that's street legal.

Alan Blay Classic Corvette Collector and Insurer will be by with an update on the collectible market.

And if you want to send your Vette to the Gym for some extra Muscle.... tuner extraordinaire John Hennessey will tell you what he has to offer.

DOWNLOAD THE CRUISE CONTROL RADIO PODCAST HERE All that and a whole lot more when we get Rolling on this weeks Cruise Control Radio. Tune in on Saturday September 19th Live from 10AM to 12 Noon Eastern time .Feed Shark