Thursday, June 10, 2010


On this hour of Cruise Control with Fred Staab and Les Jackson.

First it was he Mini, then the Fiat 500.. Could yet another retro European car be set for a comeback?

Merit Badge: Dodge reveals its speed and agility logo and Subaru shows off custom loyalty badges.

In car TV used to be pretty shaky. Usually the signal would fade away every time you turned the corner and that big boomerang antenna never looked cool even on a Limo. Well now the folks at Mopar have a solution that satisfies passengers with over twenty Channels of entertain , news and sports. We will get the details from Mopar's Tom Poulson.

And since you might be hitting the road this holiday weekend we'll have the details on one wesite that offers up to date highway traffic information.

Plus: Hey baby what's your sign? Its question you'll be able to ask your Sync equipped Ford in the future.

"At the wheel" reviews plus a whole lot more when we get rolling on this weeks Cruise Control..

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