Thursday, July 15, 2010



The cackle of open headers and the pungent aroma of racing gas always get my attention but its not a sound and smell typically experienced in New York City. In fact NYC is so not a car town that the NASCAR boys decided to head to Vegas for their championship celebration.

Imagine my surprise when crossing 49Th Street in Midtown Manhattan when I spied the number 82 Red Bull car typically driven by Scott Speed (Yes I know, hello Central Casting we need a one of those race car drivers and give him a great name!)

Who ever was at the wheel was free kicking the small block in the horrible humid weather that has invaded NY over the past few days. Looks like there was a couple of small non race ready video cameras on the roof as well.

Maybe a display car be driven to an event? Or perhaps a strange way to shoot a Red Bull commercial. What ever the reason number 82 waited at the red light with the double decker bus and a brace of yellow cabs. He punched it pretty well to get across 6Th Avenue..

And of course he got the typical New York City response when it comes to cars... He was ignored
well at least not by me. Lets be glad a city dweller didn't hail him for a trip downtown

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